Air: Climate, Emissions & Energy Use

Climate Change & Net Zero Targets

Hecla continues to be an industry leader in low emissions silver production, with the highest ratio of silver ounces produced per metric tonne of GHG emissions. As a supplier of a metal vital to the energy transition, we strive to reduce our emissions wherever possible and offset the remainder. Hecla achieved net zero carbon emissions in 2021 as a result of our purchases of carbon credit in the form of certified emission reductions tied to the Stung Tatay Hydroelectric Project in Cambodia. To demonstrate Hecla’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, we have set targets for reductions in Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions.

Small Footprint

  • Company-wide, in 2021 we achieved an 11% reduction in GHG emissions which followed a 36% reduction in 2020. 
  • Overall, we produced 491 silver equivalent ounces per ton of GHG.
  • Hecla produces two to three-times more gold equivalent ounces/ton GHG than some of the largest gold-mining companies.

Anticipating the Impact of Climate Change

Hecla recognizes that the impacts of climate change are expected to create greater potential risks for its operations, including risks posed by increased frequency of droughts and more extreme weather events such as intense rainfalls. Potential operational risks include higher volumes of mine contact water requiring storage and treatment, increased requirements for stormwater diversion and associated water management systems, and reduced availability of freshwater. As part of our enterprise risk management processes, we are committed to incorporating climate-related risks and opportunities into our risk management and strategic planning processes aligned with the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) framework.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Hecla is working to reduce energy intensity use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Production per GHG Emissions*

2019 2020 2021

Ag ounces

12,605,234 13,542,957 12,887,240

Ag-Equivalent ounces

47,200,000 40,700,000 37,573,889

Au-Equivalent ounces*

674,286 581,429 525,531*

GHG Scope 1 (metric tonnes, CO2 e)***

102,675 57,580 52,932

GHG Scope 2 (metric tonnes CO2 e)***

32,626 28,390 23,618

GHG Scope 1 & 2 (metric tonnes CO2 e)**

135,301 85,970 76,550

Total Energy kWh

500,244,722 497,954,623

kWh Electricity

288,404,740 290,013,758

Metric Tonnes GHG/Ag ounce

0.006 0.006

Ag ounces/Metric Tonnes GHG 

157 168

Ag-Equivalent ounces/Metric Tonnes  GHG

473 491

Au-Equivalent ounces/Metric Tonnes GHG

6.8 6.9

* 2019 and 2020 Au-Equivalent ounces have been calculated using the long-term average ratio of 70 Ag-ounces per Au-ounce
** 2021 Au-Equivalent ounces have been calculated using the long-term average ratio of 71.50 Ag-ounces per Au-ounce
ꦚ *** Hecla previously reported GHG emissions in imperial tons, this has been changed to reflect the correct unit of metric tonnes CO2e

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol

To determine Hecla’s Scope 1 carbon dioxide emissions, a third-party consultant utilizes U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reporting standards, protocols, methodologies, and other related guidance. The GHG guidance is based on The Greenhouse Gas Protocol: A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (GHG Protocol) developed by the (WRI) and the (WBCSD).
A photo of a miner using a tablet.

Energy Use

Reducing energy consumption through streamlined processes and adoption of technology is positive for the environment and for our operating efficiency.

Energy Site Data

Greens Creek

Casa Berardi

Lucky Friday
San Sebastian


Electricity Used (kWh)

69,503,672 133,330,174

Hydropower (kWh)


#2 Diesel for Mobile Equipment (gallons)

1,098,234 2,265,216

Biodiesel (B70) for Mobile Equipment (gallons)


#2 Diesel for Electricity Generation/Stationary (gallons)


Gasoline for Mobile Equipment (gallons)

11,957 135,534

Propane for Heating (gallons)

Natural Gas for Heating (cubic feet)
Used Oil for Heating (gallons)
Surface Emulsion (lbs)
Underground Emulsion (lbs)
Underground ANFO (lbs)

Alternative Energy Sources

Hecla seeks to use alternative clean energy sources to reduce our carbon footprint, including using 100% renewable hydropower to supply line power to our Casa Berardi and 96% hydropower at our Greens Creek operations. Greens Creek’s purchase of surplus hydropower has benefitted Juneau residents in the form of reduced rates to the tune of over $70 million since 2009. The purchase of renewable energy from Alaska Electric Light & Power reduces the carbon emissions that the mine would otherwise produce while helping to pay for hydroelectric infrastructure that will benefit Juneau residents for generations to come.

Casa Berardi Tree Planting

Hecla Quebec provided approximately 400 Casa Berardi employees with a tree to plant in celebration of “Tree and Forest Month” and to help offset our greenhouse gas emissions. Hecla is focused on reducing energy intensity consumption and GHG emissions intensity through operating efficiencies that reduce the use of electricity, diesel fuel, gasoline, natural gas, and propane.